Doom Of Marr'd

The angry demonic spirit of the dying world of Marr'd, loosed upon the vermin that crawl its surface.

A demon of great power.

Power: Legendary (+8)

Aspects (8)

A Dead God's Ghost
The Winds of Marr'd
A Ravaging Storm
Tremors From Below
The Punishing Wastes
Mankind is a Pestilence
Held By the Seals

Stunts (8)

Natural Disasters: Taken as its own skill ("Ravage"); can create effects that target everything in a set of 2 contiguous zones with a damage bonus of +2 [Triple Stunt]

I Am Everywhere: As the dead spirit of Marr'd, this demon can travel anywhere on the surface of Marr'd nearly instantly.

The Past Is As The Present: Marr'd can peer into its own past as an extension of its Sense.

It Is As My Flesh: Armor of +2 against anything that comes from Marr'd.

I May Not Be Destroyed: Has 1 additional Major consequence it can take.

Skills (40 points)

Ravage: Epic (+7)

Blood: Legendary (+8)

Cool: Great (+4)
Sense: Good (+3)
Guile: Good (+3)
Provoke: Superb (+5)
Befriend: Mediocre (+0)

Knowledge (Gods): Superb (+5)
Knowledge (Marr'd): Superb (+5)


Health: 6 (Minor -2, Major -4, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 4 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)

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