Fayze, Traitor to the Seal, Would-Be Saviour of Marr'd


[Lore] The Broken Seal
[Past] Heretic Thief
[Stamina] Atlantean-Trained
[Will] Treasoner
[Hope] Restoration
[Despair] History Repeating
[Lore] A Higher Purpose


Stamina (2)
Blood: Fair (+2)
Sweat: Fair (+2)
Thews: Average (+1)
Steel: Fair (+2)

Will (3)
Cool: Average (+1)
Sense: Fair (+2)
Guile: Good (+3)
Provoke: Average (+1)
Befriend: Good (+3)
Lore (6)
Arcana: Superb (+5)
Contact: Good (+3)
Bind: Fantastic (+6)
Banish: Fantastic (+6)

Past (2)
Faces: Mediocre (+0)
Knowledge (History): Great (+4)
Knowledge (Arcadia): Fair (+2)
Knowledge (Atlantis): Fair (+2)
Package Skills: None

Knowledge (History) breaks the cap rule, but is okayed by the GM as an exception


Refresh: 7
Humanity: 1
Health: 3 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 2 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)


"The Broken Seal"

The thirteenth seal that held back the great doom beneath Arcadian ice. Broken by Fayze, it is now a demon which eats the faith of others.

"Heretic Thief"

Raised as a banish-priest, expensively educated in Atlantis, trusted with relics — and convinced her faith is wrong.


Pampered in Atlantis, she was less prepared for the harsh realities of Marr'd than those who survive it in the open.


Having realized that (clearly) the right thing to do was to break the thirteenth seal, she leaned upon her brethren to gain access to it — and then violated their trust.

"Restoration" / "History Repeating"

She took her sealmate with her when she fled, and used a demon to restore her to life — then lost her to the demon's will.

"Higher Purpose"

Fleeing Arcadia with her dying seal-mate, she relinquished her resistance to her purpose when she restores her seal-mate and sets out to quest for the source of Arcadia's relics.

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