History Eater

Demon bound to Witch King. As seen in the Dictionary of Mu, page 130.

Power: Superb (+5)


I Eat Demons
Thirst for Foul Blood
Faces in the Blade
Ever-Changing Runes
Live by the Sword…

Stunts (5)

I am a Sword: As a normal sword, history-eater offers a +2 damage on a successful hit. [Free]

Unshatterable: Someone trying to attack History-Eater directly must pierce its Armor: 2

Master Swordsman: The user of History Eater gains access to its Steel skill as if it were his own.

Infernal Speed: The user of History Eater gains +2 to his Sweat rolls when using the skill for movement.

Vitality: History Eater may reduce the recovery time for wound consequences by two time increments.

Only a Cut: The user of History Eater gains one additional Major physical consequence.

Skills (25 pts)

Steel: Epic (+7)
Blood: Fantastic (+6)
Sweat: Superb (+5)
Knowledge (The Past): Epic (+7)


Health: 2 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 2 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)

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