Kai, Herald of Invisible Kitezh


[Lore] The Tale of Kitezh
[Past] Scoundrel of the Wastes
[Stamina] Live to Fight Another Day
[Will] Old Secrets
[Hope] There Are Other Worlds Than These
[Despair] Taste of Ashes
[Will] Strategic Exit


Stamina (2)
Blood: Fair (+2)
Sweat: Fair (+2)
Thews: Average (+1)
Steel+: Good (+3)

Will (6)
Cool: Great (+4)
Sense: Superb (+5)
Guile: Fantastic (+6)
Provoke: Mediocre (+1)
Befriend: Fantastic (+6)
Lore (2)
Arcana: Fair (+2)
Contact: Fair (+2)
Bind: Fair (+2)
Banish+: Good (+3)

Past (3)
Faces: Good (+3)
Knowledge (The Wastes): Fair (+2)
Knowledge (Stories): Fair (+2)
Package Skills: Steel, Banish


Refresh: 7
Humanity: 5
Health: 3 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 4 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)


"Old Secrets"

The wastes have places a clan may bargain to rest, but those bargains require cunning. When the clan came upon the Table of Winds, the Speaker was ill, and the young Kai traded riddles through the night til the clan was granted passage.

"Scoundrel of the Wastes"

The Wastewander Clans are less organized than they sound. Welcome as cunning craftsmen and reviled as thieves, they make what living they can, wandering from town to town, staying a step ahead of trouble.

"Live to Fight Another Day"

The Blades of the Primarch are half a hundred warriors, guardians of the Onyx Vale. When they came to the camp, their seers spoke of one who would be chosen. Kai and his brother were of age, but brotherhood faded as they fought for the silver sword.

Kai proved the weaker.

"Taste of Ashes"

The clan never thrives, but never dies, finding hope in small places. Or so it was until the Jarl of Spiders took a fancy to Kai's promised. The clan stood together and died, bloated and poisoned, the Jarl's prize among them. Only a handful survived, fleeing into the wastes.

"There are Other Worlds than These"

… The survivors were led to Kitezh by Kai. The price of their succor was Kai's pact.

"Strategic Exit"

When last we left Kai, he left the ruins of Battlehymn to the flames, carrying a broken Messiah in his arms, taking her to a place far away, and at least relatively safer…

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