Kor-Elud, Ambitious Witch-Lord, Havoc-Wreaker


[Lore] My Sister Lyra
[Past] Stygian Witch-Lord
[Stamina] Born in Blood
[Will] Because I Will It So
[Hope] Worthy to Rule
[Despair] The Best-Laid Plans…
[Lore] Signs of the Apocalypse


Stamina (2)
Blood: Fair (+2)
Sweat: Fair (+2)
Thews: Average (+1)
Steel: Fair (+2)

Will (3)
Cool: Good (+3)
Sense: Good (+3)
Guile: Good (+3)
Provoke: Average (+1)
Befriend: Mediocre (+0)
Lore (6)
Arcana: Fantastic (+6)
Contact: Fantastic (+6)
Bind: Great (+4)
Banish: Great (+4)

Past (2)
Faces: Fair (+2)
Knowledge (Stygia): Fair (+2)
Knowledge (History): Fair (+2)
Knowledge (Politics): Fair (+2)
Package Skills: None


Refresh: 7
Humanity: 1
Health: 3 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 3 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)


"My Sister Lyra"

The ritual of taking his sister's innocence was a dark one that left her dead and bound as his demon.

"Stygian Witch-Lord"

Taken from Black Rock, Kor-Elud was raised as a Witch-Lord's son (his master, whom he killed recently) and apprentice.

"Born in Blood"

Kor-Elud was born in the arena of Black Rock, when Throsh cut him from his defeated mother's womb.

"Because I Will It"

Kor-Elud murdered his master-father in a bid for power.

"Worthy to Rule" / "The Best Laid Plans"

A bloody power struggle filled with betrayals has gotten Kor-Elud where he is today.

"Signs of the Apocalypse"

Securing his position with the death of Xar-Xaal, Kor-Elud has allied with a board-game loving apprentice and one of the Witch King's brides, Amaela, and laid conquest to a neighboring Lord's lands. Summoning Morgrash, a great and hungry war-demon, he vastly underestimated the creature's appetites, and has rendered his rivals lands into little more than ash and corpses.

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