Lyra is Kor-Elud's sister, killed by him in a ritual of blood and sex, bound as his demon.

Power: Great (+4)

Aspects (4)

Lost Innocence
Sisterly Love

Stunts (4)

The Death of Innocence: Lyra can inflict the trauma of her death upon others by projecting the memory into their minds. This allows the skill 'Psychic Assault', a ranged weapon that acts mostly invisibly (though Lyra clearly concentrates on the target while doing so).

Enrapture: Lyra gains +2 on her Guile when using it to seduce those with lust in their hearts.

Befuddle: Lyra may use her Psychic Assault skill to perform maneuvers that leave the target dazed, paralyzed, or otherwise confused.

Sin-Eater: Lyra is able to take on consequences on behalf of her user, provided she is proximate to him.

Skills (20 points)

Blood: Fair (+2)
Thews: Fair (+2)

Cool: Fair (+2)
Guile: Great (+4)
Befriend: Good (+3)
Provoke: Good (+3)

Psychic Assault: Great (+4)


Health: 3 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 3 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)

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