As writ in the Dictionary of Mu, Merkure was one of the Solar Family, a god of wealth, struck down by Throsh, who took his mantle.

Power: Fantastic (+6)


Silver in the Blood
Dead Gods Make Poor Pets
No Wealth Too Great
Golden Are My Sacrifices
My Faith Must Be Restored

Stunts (6)

Molten Gold: Using the Steel skill (for Steel is used for shooting things), the user may shoot a spray of molten gold at a target. Focusing all on a single target, this is a +4 weapon, but "area effect" attacks within a single zone may be made with no bonus to damage. [Double Stunt]

Huge: Merkure's user may grow to a great height, gaining +1 on attempts to Provoke fear or worship, +1 to Sweat to cover ground, or +1 to Thews to lift things.

Hard to Kill: Merkure's user is unusually resilient, able to take two additional Minor (-2) consequences.

Solar Skin: Tempered by the gaze of Sar, Merkure's user is highly resilient, gaining Armor: 2 against extreme temperatures (cold and heat) and sudden impacts (blunt force trauma).

Remembered Wealth: The user may create ephemeral wealth through the use of his Guile skill. This is the wealth of memory, however, created as an echo of the things once sacrificed in Merkure's name. Without Merkure's presence, such wealth is soon lost.

Skills (30 points)

Blood: Fantastic (+6)
Cool: Great (+4)
Knowledge (Wealth): Fantastic (+6)
Knowledge (Faiths of Marr'd): Good (+3)
Steel: Great (+4)
Sweat: Good (+3)
Guile: Great (+4)


Health: 5 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 4 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)

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