The Broken Seal

The barrier between Marr'd and the demon of the True Arcadia (or so it is called), not the corpse on which the priests feast like maggots. If it succeeds in opening, the True Arcadia will seek to restore its health in the purifying rivers of blood.

… this, it is observed, would be awkward for the priests.

The thirteenth seal that held back the Doom of Marr'd. Broken, the Doom is loosed, and the seal itself has become a demon, bound to the heretic thief Fayze, inscribed upon her flesh.

Power: Fantastic (+6)

Aspects (6)

I Held Back the Doom of Marr'd
I Eat Faith
To Help You I Must Fill You
I Am Writ Upon Your Flesh
All Old Things Are Known to Me
In Dust, I Find Treasures

Stunts (6)

The Curse of History: If allowed to 'inhabit' one of the user's senses, the Seal can show pieces of history to her, conferring its Knowledge (History) skill.

Infernal Insight: The Seal can pass its Sense skill on to its user — again, if allowed to 'inhabit' an appropriate sense-organ of the user.

Demon-Scrye: The Seal is able to root out the secret stories of demons when pairing its knowledge of history with a Sorcerer's intellect. The user gains a +2 on Arcana rolls to unearth the hidden pasts of demon-kind.

Flaw Resonance: As a broken thing, the Seal can see the cracks in others. Gain a +2 on Sense rolls to spot a weakness.

The Crack of Doom: The Seal gives its user the ability to crack things open with a wave of her hand. This is a ranged weapon, and very obvious — flashes of light, loud sounds — giving a +1 to hit (Steel is the skill rolled) and a +2 to damage on a successful hit. [Double Stunt]

Skills (30 points)

Knowledge (History): Legendary (+8)
Sense: Fantastic (+6)
Cool: Fantastic (+6)
Guile: Fantastic (+6)
Provoke: Fair (+2)
Steel: Fair (+2)


Health: 2 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 5 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)

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