Throsh, also known as Merkure


[Lore] Merkure
[Past] Olymon Born, Atlantean Trained
[Stamina] Glorious!
[Will] I Know Better Than That
[Hope] This World Will Be Restored
[Despair] We Will Not Last
[Past] Dogged by Marr'd, I Seek the First Vessel


Stamina (5)
Blood: Superb (+5)
Sweat: Superb (+5)
Thews: Superb (+5)
Steel+: Superb (+5)

Will (2)
Cool: Average (+1)
Sense: Fair (+2)
Guile+: Good (+3)
Provoke+: Great (+ 4)
Befriend: Fair (+2)
Lore (2)
Arcana: Average (+1)
Contact: Fair (+2)
Bind: Fair (+2)
Banish: Average (+1)

Past (4)
Faces: Fair (+2)
Knowledge (Wealth): Good (+3)
Package Skills: Provoke, Steel, Guile


Refresh: 7
Humanity: 5
Health: 4 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)
Resolve: 2 (Minor -2, Major -4, Severe -6)



Seeking the knowledge of the god Merkure, Throsh travelled into the void to learn the Riddle of Silver. But learning it, he was angered, and struck down Merkure in a rage.

"Olymon Born, Atlantean Trained"

Raised in Olymon by expatriate Atlantean slavers, Throsh was trained to be a solar slayer — a killer of gods.


Throsh won extra slaves by succeeding in the Olymon glory-games, travelling far and wide, even to Black Rock, to wage bloody competition. His kill-count was legend before he retired.

"I Know Better Than That"

Throsh outsmarted his mentors (or so he thought), knowing they did not know what they spoke of. He slew them for their sin of incompetence.

"This World Will Be Restored" / "We Will Not Last"

Years of poor knowledge have endangered this world. Only with the Knowledge of Throsh — Merkure reborn — can Marr'd be restored.

Dogged by Marr'd, I Seek the First Vessel

Having called the Slouching Beast to turn its jaundiced eye toward Marr'd, with the blood of gods upon his hands, Throsh has been given a quest of penance by the gods themselves. If Marr'd is to have any hope, he must find the First Vessel — and worse, the dead god of Marr'd has his scent, and is on his heels.

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